Kasper Faerch is a danish artist and art historian.

He works in the intersection between art and design across a variety of media including painting, sculpting, drawing and paper cutting. 

"As an artist I am always evolving. I am not interested in remaining static. I guess I am too curious. By simplifying forms, subtracting detail and amplifying specific elements I seem to be moving from a very figurative artistic practice towards a much more abstracted response, creating streamlined yet hopefully vibrant artworks that, although minimalistic, still achieve a sense of expression and dynamic. I continually search for the single "word", line or brush stroke that will convey meaning in the most economical fashion. It is a creative destillation, where the exercise is to eliminate all non-essential by subtracting only the most basic and essential forms. No matter the media I always seek a purified form of beauty dominated by order, simplicity and harmony. Sometimes i succeed and sometimes I don't".


- Kasper Faerch